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Molly Thompson, Fluid Acrylic Artist

My artist is my inner child. The playful child that has no boundaries and does not “paint between the lines”. 
I grew up in the 60s....the days of flower children. And I was one of them. The days of rock & roll and "free living". It was a time that I could invent myself however I chose. And I chose one of an artist. I found freedom in modern dance, love of music and the beauty of movement. I have taken that inner child in many directions and then I discovered Fluid Acrylic painting. There is no other other medium that I know of that gives me such freedom of color, movement and texture.
Why?  I do art because it calms my soul. I completely lose myself in colors and shapes. It's my daily meditation. My flow acrylic painting is accidental art. I don't know what I will paint before I start each piece and I don't know the outcome. I start and end with something fun.

Molly Thompson

Jessica Miller, Apparel Designer

Jessica Miller

Jessica grew up being toted around in a rock climbing rucksack, carried to mountain tops and across continents. The intrepid attitude rubbed off from her parents and she followed her passion and inquisitive instinct into performing arts and all manner of arts!
Jessica began with flying trapeze and aerial acrobatics in Colorado as a teenager. When the time came, she was accepted to the Bachelor’s degree program for circus at the National Centre for Circus Arts in London where she also performed with Stufish Productions in SOHO and CIRCA in Depart. Since her graduation, she has been traveling around Europe and Australia, and working with AIDA Cruise Productions, Creactive by Cirque du Soleil, and Emerald City Trapeze Arts.
  Recklessly inquisitive about the mundane and the extraordinary, Jessica has always been fascinated by what makes an artist tick. She loves to dive deep into her own art as well as that of others and showcase what is underneath the aesthetic on the surface. She believes the human body is a living breathing piece of art, so why not dress it up!

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