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My Inspiration

My inspiration to think, move and create freely originally came from my modern dance teacher when I was a young teenager. My instructor was a Polish Jew during WWII. She lived with the horrors of the holocaust. Starting with being moved to a ghetto to a concentration camp. Her first taste of freedom was when she arrived in the US. Each of our lessons started with stories of having no freedom of movement, speech and even in thought. She taught us the value of freedom in every way.  She taught us to appreciate freedom and how to capture our freedom in our movements and thoughts.


My artist is my inner child. The playful child that has no boundaries and does not “paint between the lines”. 


I now create completely unstructured pieces using fluid acrylics. Fluid acrylics are acrylic paints with a runny or thin consistency, designed to flow and spread easily without sacrificing color intensity. Fluid acrylics are ideal for pouring or dribbling paint, rather than applying it with a brush. I don’t have a brush in my studio anymore. Many of the tools I use are objects not traditionally used for painting and I have modified them to suit my purpose.


Why? I love colors and shapes. I do art because it calms my soul. I completely lose myself in colors and shapes. I hope you enjoy my art and keep checking my website as I add new paintings almost every week.


My flow acrylic painting is accidental art. I don't know before I start each painting I don't know the outcome. I start and end with something fun.

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