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My New Journey with Fluid Acrylic Painting

I have been creating art for over 20 years, including painted and fused glass, digital photography, multi-media wall art, precious metal clays and gem jewelry, and multiple forms of painting. I spent the the last 18 months learning the process and creating my own techniques using fluid acrylic paints. 

My fluid acrylic painting is accidental art. I don't know exactly what the final product will be until it is done. I start with either choosing colors or choosing the painting method (pouring, spinning, and/or swiping with my tools). I mix primary colors to create colors to suit my style. I work on a wet canvas making colors and shapes and moving them to where I want them.  Fluid acrylic paints are runny or thin consistency, designed to flow and spread easily without sacrificing color intensity. They are ideal for pouring or dribbling paint, rather than applying it with a brush. I don’t have a brush in my studio anymore. Many of the tools I use are objects not traditionally used for painting and I have modified them to suit my purpose. My studio is my play pen! 

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